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About the product

Backilly means innovation, after years of research and development we have come up with a product that solves a problem that everyone haves and that’s the bad breath problem. Every day we have more than 20 Billion Bacteria in our tongue that we don’t clean or we clean it inefficiently with the bristles of the toothbrush or the back part that some toothbrushes have. So, Backilly is here so change your whole life by experiencing intense sensations of RELIEF, EUPHORIA, CONFIDENCE.

Using Backilly’s Bacteria Cleaner only 1 Time you will see a yellow surface coming off your tongue.

This yellow surface that you possibly didn’t know that existed is Billions of bacteria that cause the Bad Breath and many other problems in your health that you will see below.


Prevents the Bad Breath

Try to scrape your tongue with you teeth, do it now. You will see a yellow surface on your teeth and that’s bacteria that produce sulfur compounds that cause the Bad Breath. Not removing that yellow surface from your tongue will give you a really dirty and disgusting breath and most of the time you can’t realize that your breath stinks.

Removes yellow stinky surface

After removing the yellow surface you will feel a weight being lift off your tongue that clearness will give you a new way of living.

Prevents Teeth Diseases

Backilly’s innovative Bacteria Cleaner lower your chances of getting gum disease, tooth decay and periodontitis. All these diseases are caused by harmful bacteria and toxins that many of them exist in your tongue.

Improves Sense of Taste

Your tongue has cells called Taste Buds, these cells are responsible for tasting the food. When your tongue is covered with Billions of Bacteria your taste buds are also covered so you can’t taste your favorite meal as you would if you had a clean tongue.

Customers can't stop using Backilly's Bacteria Cleaner

Customers can't stop using Backilly's Bacteria Cleaner

See Backilly in action...

Frequently Asked Questions

Cleaning your tongue with a common toothbrush:

1) Is 30% less effective than using Backilly’s toothbrush, so there are still Billions of Bacteria left in the tongue according to studies

2) Can harm your taste buds and make your tongue bleed so you won’t be able to taste your favorite foods

3) By brushing your tongue just transfer all the tongue’s bacteria to your toothbrush’s bristles and they are really hard to be removed

Backilly’s Bacteria Cleaner is meant to be used every day at least 1 time.

It is recommended by dentists at least 1 time to scrape your tongue with Backilly’s Bacteria Cleaner

It is recommended to change both every 2 months

Cleaning the tongue can be done before or after brushing the teeth but also throughout the day since the tongue collects billions of bacteria continuously from food and drinks.

We have ergonomically designed the Bacteria Cleaner to be gentle and smooth to the tongue but it is important to note that you shouldn’t apply too much pressure since you can harm your tongue.

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