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You feel a weight being lift off you tongue because Backilly’s Bacteria Cleaner can removes billions of bacteria with just ONE Scrape


People that bought our product claim that everytime they kiss their partner the experience is more intensive and clean


After using Backilly’s Bacteria Cleaner people feel more comfortable and confident speaking with other people

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Customers can't stop using Backilly's Bacteria Cleaner

Customers can't stop using Backilly's Bacteria Cleaner

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About Backilly

After years of research and development Backilly has created the one and only Bacteria Cleaner. Only 1 Scrape is enough to eliminate Bacteria & Toxins that cause the bad breath. Use it and you will see a slime/a yellow stinky surface coming off the tongue. Everyone has these Bacteria and Toxins in their mouth mostly from the foods & drinks they consume and also from some other dental hygienic factors. Use our Bacteria Cleaner and feel a weight being lifted off your tongue. Our purpose is to serve you with Relief, Freshness and Confidence.

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